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Petition Process for Candidates for Admission

To all WDDGMs,

Per the Orders of our MWGM, we were tasked with developing a standard practice for the distribution of Petitions for new candidates and keeping with the Enhanced Investigation Process to include State Police and Child Abuse Reports. This process which, was voted on unanimously by the WDDGM’s on Saturday, November 3, 2012, as the process to be used for each candidate going forward.


SPONSOR: Gives the candidate a petition for admission with specific instruction to complete petition in its entirety complying with all of its requirements ie., medical slip. Candidate is also informed that the petition must be accompanied by the required initiation fees plus the State Police and Child Abuse Reports, before it can be accepted.

CANDIDATE: Satisfying the above requirements, the sponsor receives all the above from the Candidate and turns it over to the Lodge Secretary. Petition is read in Lodge meeting and if it is accepted, it is turned over to an investigation committee appointed by the Worshipful Master.

INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE: Meet with Candidate, who is interviewed and asked the Constitutional questions, the will also review the State Police and Child Abuse Reports with Candidate. At the conclusion of that meeting, the State Police and Child Abuse Reports must be returned to the Candidate before leaving the meeting site. The Investigation Committee returns to the Lodge and present their findings at the next meeting.

CONTINUE: Follow the Constitutional Balloting Process going forward.

NOTE: In an effort to increase our membership a Master Mason is allowed to sponsor more than one candidate, remembering that the focus is on QUALITY. All newly raised Master Masons are not allowed to petitions another house for at least one year from the date that he is raised.

J.R Wilson, PM, #55

Worshipful Deputy at Large


Links to Candidate Investigative Forms

Results of Investigation should be obtained before an application is given to a candidate